Comox Valley, B.C., Canada

PROBUS defined ....

PROBUS Clubs worldwide work to provide regular gatherings to those retired or semi-retired business or professional men and women who appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and of a similar level of interest, PROBUS members meet others, make new friends and engage in social and physical activities in a congenial and friendly environment.


Our meetings normally take place on the second Tuesday of each month at the Comox Legion.
They begin with a 30 - 45 minute presentation by a guest speaker on a topic of general interest to our club members.
After a short break the meetings continue with announcements and other club matters.

Activity Groups

Our current Activity Groups are divided into 3 Groups; Dining, Cultural and Recreation.
For more information on any of our Activity Groups just select the appropriate link.
In addition, special events are often planned. Visit the PROBUS Canada website for more information.

Members and guests that participate in some of the outdoor activities may be required to sign the Orca Probus Waiver.

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2024 Management Committee

President - Bruce Ellis

Vice President Debbie Olson

Secretary - Gwendolyne Kruger

Treasurer - Mike Naish

Membership - Pat Ellis

Sunshine - Deanna Provencher

Facilities - Rod Olson

Social Activities - Barb Wilson

Communication - Mike Wilson 

Past President - Marguerite Ancell