Comox Valley, B.C., Canada

Dining In Group

This is a good activity for getting to know others in the club.

There is a sign up sheet in the fall and the winter. Groups of three or four (couples or singles) are organized and each couple or single hosts a noon dinner. This does not need to be too complicated.

Each group decides whether the meal components will be rotated or if each couple will provide the entire meal. By the time you have eaten three times together, you know each other pretty well.

Dining Out Group

It is always a casual and friendly event with The Dining Out Group.

We are blessed with a bountiful choice of fine restaurants in the Comox Valley. The Dining Out Group enjoys the fruits of some of the finest tables in the valley featuring fresh seafood, local meats and vegetables, and cuisines from around the world. But best of all, the smiling faces at your table tell you that you can still sit down with a lively group of friends that will pique the palette of your intellect, while you are satisfying the palate of your appetite.

Great camaraderie and fine food are like a tasty cocktail: the ingredients and the mix make for a delightful treat.

Why not come and join us?.

Pub Club

​The Pub Club is an informal group that meets at various local Pubs following the monthly general meeting. To join you simply notify the co-ordinator by phone or Email using the contact information in the monthly Probus Orca newsletter. Your name will be put on the Pub Club contact list and you will be notified by Email where the event will be held about a week before the general meeting.

If you wish to participate in the announced event you simply Reply to the co-ordinator and you will be included. It is important that you respond if you choose to attend so that the co-ordinator can ensure the chosen venue can provide the adequate service and seating capacity for the group.